(REF) Cedar View Tripoli

aka Tripoli

  • 4/28/2018

  • S: CH Cedar View Ulysses, *B, LA EEE91

    • SS: SGCH ABS Little Tot’s Estate Thalictrum, +B, LA EEE 92, 2017 ANDDA JuJu Sire Award, ranked 91st percentile on the ADGA Elite Buck list.

    • SD: SG Little Tots Estate Grevillea, 1*M, LA EVEE 90; 2015, 2016 Gold JuJu award for milk ANDDA

  • D: SGCH Cedar View Pheobe, 4*M, LA VEEE 90  7th place 3 year old at ADGA Nationals, 3rd Place udder, ELITE DOE 98th Percentile

    • DS: GCH J-Nels LY Cappuccino, +*B, LA EEE 91; 2017 ANDDA Juju sire award

    • DD: SGCH Cedar View Fortunata, 3*M, LA EEEE 90, Top 10 Doe, ELITE DOE

Tripoli’s grand-dam, Fortunata, was a 2015 and 2016 ADGA Elite Doe and #5 of the 2015 ADGA Breedleader Top Ten List and #7 on the 2016 ADGA Breed Leader List in Milk, Butterfat and Protein Production. Fortunata also won 2014 ANDDA Gold JUJU Award for milk production, and 2015 and 2016 ANDDA Platinum JUJU Award for milk Production also ANDDA Total Performer. Fortunata’s second lactation was 1,110 lbs, third 1,320 lbs, and 4th lactation was 1,310 lbs!


Tripoli’s dam, Phoebe, won 2017 Silver JUJU Award from ANDDA (273 DIM, 855 lb milk, 59# butterfat, 38# protein as a FF). She was also 7th at 2018 ADGA nationals and third place udder. Triploli’s sire’s dam, Grevillea, was an SG with an LA of 90 and an “E” in Mammary, she milked 985 lb her last 205 days in test!.


Photo of Tripoli’s dam, Phoebe, courtesy of Cedar View Farm