All dates are approximate

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Due early March 2021.  Birdie was exposed to both bucks.  All kids will be DNA tested.

Due early March 2021.  She was exposed to multiple bucks.  All kids will be DNA tested.

SG Sunnydale Farm ZM Faith 4*M AR  X   Everlasting *BEVL Triton *B, Yo V Eye P *B (Kids will be ***DNA'd*** )   


3 doeling, 1 buckling 

Due late March 2021, blue eyes and moon spots possible

Due late April/Early May 2021.  All kids will be DNA tested

Due March 2021

Due early March 2021, blue eyes possible

Due early early-mid March 2021

Due Feb 2021, possible moon spots

Primrose Hill Fifty Shades Hot   X Cedar View Cavaliere*B


1 doeling, 2 bucklings (to be wethered)

Due early-mid Feb 2021.  Kids will be DNA tested.

Primrose Hill O Camelot  X Exposed to Cavaliere *B, Everlasting *B, Yo V Eye P *B


3 bucklings (to be wethered)

Due early February 2021

Possible blue eyes & moon spots

Due March  2021

Due mid February 2021
Possible blue eyes

Due March 2021, moon spots possible