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Interested in one of our goats?

PrimRose Hill reserves the right to retain any offspring from any breeding.  We do not take reservations, but we do keep an interest list for all breedings.  Preference will be given to established performance herds.  If you would like to be added to our interest list, please contact us by phone, FB Messenger, or fill out our Goat Interest Questionnaire.   The questionnaire helps me understand the goals you have for your herd, and allows me to make suggestions on breedings/kids which I think would best help you achieve those goals.

The individuals/farms on the interest list will be contacted 72 hours before a goat is offered for sale to the public.

Goats will remain for sale until a 50% non-refundable deposit is paid.  The goat(s) must be picked within four weeks of the deposit payment. Payment in full is required before the kid can leave our farm.  All kids will be taking a bottle and up to date on all healthcare deemed appropriate for their age (all non-pollled goats will be disbudded).  Herd testing results can be viewed here

 We accept Paypal (friends and family), cash, Venmo or crypto. 


All goats must be picked up or shipped within 28 days (4 weeks) of the deposit. The Buyer is responsible for transport, veterinary exam/health certificate (recommended but not required), and any other costs associated with the sale of the goat.  If goat is not picked up after the 28 days, the deposit is forfeit and goat will be re-listed for sale.   As mentioned,  transportation of the goat to its new home and associated costs are the responsibility of the buyer, but we are happy to help assist you in the search for a reputable transporter if necessary.  

All registered goats will be sold dis-budded, tattooed, hoof trimmed, and castrated (if a wether).  A copy of their medical records will be provided.  We use the Virginia Tech Veterinary School Small Ruminant team and we routinely test our herd for CAE and Johne’s.  Click here to see our test results.  Please reach out if you have any questions about the health of our goats.


The goat/kid will be sold “as is,” and there are no guarantee or warranties on the health of a goat.  Of course, we also can not and do not offer guarantees regarding height, show quality, milking capacity or any other trait.  Weaning and shipping are stressful for goats and environment and management plays a large part in the future success of kids.  I prefer to sell in PAIRS to help the goats adjust more easily to their new home.  The health and well being of the goats is my number one priority, so please be prepared to answer some questions regarding your farm and facilities.    Goats are herd animals and so a single goat will only be sold to an established herd.


Refunds will not be given once the kid leaves the farm. We cannot offer return of goats as we have strict biosecurity protocols before any animal can be brought onto our farm. However, we do ask for first right of refusal for any animal we sell. If we are not able to take the animal back, we may be able to help with finding a suitable buyer/home.


In the extremely unlikely event that a goat has a congenital (i.e. not acquired) defect that disqualifies it from showing or prevents it from breeding/conceiving,  we will work out a replacement from what we determine to be a comparable breeding.  This would require a physical examination and written report from a licensed veterinarian.  In this scenario, the buyer may keep the original goat but must forfeit the papers to be eligible for a replacement.



Goats are herd animals and will only be sold in pairs if a home doesn’t have other goats.  Kids can be sold as bottle babies at two weeks of age or after weaning (10-12 weeks of age).


For payment we accept Cash,  PayPal, or Venmo.  Payment in full is required by the time the goat departs Rose Hill .

Please contact us for more information or to request your Questionnaire so you can be placed on the interest list for your next goat!


Our pricing is determined based on the performance of a given goat's dam, sire and sire's dam, as well as our judgement about the quality of the goat and breeding in question. We make a large investment of time and money in the daily management and proving our goats through milk test, linear appraisal and showing. ​​

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