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Our girls shone on their first trip to ADGA nationals!    In addition to the individual awards, our girls also placed in Best Dairy Herd. Among a host of awards, we are humbled by the honor of winning the 2022 ADGA Reserve Premier Breeder award!    All of the does below placed in their classes:


Click on the pic or goats name for detailed information and more photos


LA VEEE 90 @9-07Top 10 Doe  aka Amber

Photo credit Terry Babb

**DNA on file**


LA +VVE 87 @2-09,  aka Valk

**DNA on file**


LA VEEE 92 FS,  aka Passion

**DNA on file**


LA VEEE 91 FS, aka La Rouge

**DNA on file**


LA VEEE 90 FS, aka Gloire
**DNA on file**


LA VEEE 90 @ 4-09, aka AQUATA

**DNA on file**

Ume show side 03_edited.jpg

aka Ume

LA VVVE 87 @ 1-04, LA +V+E 87 @3-03

**DNA on File**

Baby U diamond show side 04.heic

LA VEEE 90 @3-06, aka Baby U Diamond

**DNA on File**


Aka Remmie

**DNA on File**


aka Cascade

VEEE 89 @ 2-0

** DNA on File**

Lana show side 02.JPG
Rain Beau show win.jpg

Primrose Hill U Rain-Beau
aka Rain-Beau

1 Junior Grand champion, 2 Reserve

2 GCH legs 

**DNA on File**

ADGA Nationals 2022, member of 3rd place Senior Get of Sire

ADGA Nationals 2022, member of 7th place Dairy Herd

bluebell side (after milkout).JPG

GCH  Primrose Hill U Bluebell

aka Bluebell

First time out, Junior Grand Champion and Best Doe in Show

**DNA on File**

Sage side_edited.jpg
Egret side.HEIC

LA VEEE 91 FS, aka Faith

**DNA on File**

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