aka Unlimited   LA  VEE 88
**DNA on file**
Alpha Casein  A/A

2 Grand Champion legs, 1 Reserve Grand Champion

  • 8/24/2017

  • S: Farm Oldesouth BBS Limitless *B      Sire of 1 SG

    • SS: GCH Farm Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr +B, LA VVE 88,  Littermate to Top 10 Doe SGCH Farm Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M LA VEEE 90 Sire of 1 SG

    • SD: SG Sugarmoon RB Faith 3*M, 4*D,  ELITE DOE, LA 91 VEEE, Elite Doe, Top 10 Doe ELITE DOE 97% DIM-1360 MILK-4940.    

  • D: SG Sugarmoon RB Faith 3*M, 4*D ,LA 91 VEEE,  Top 10 Doe,  ELITE DOE, DIM-1360 MILK-4940

    • DS: SG NC Promisedland Ram-Beau +*B,*S, LA VEE 90 Sire of: 30 Superior Genetics, 5 SGCH's

    • DD: SGCH NC Promisedland Legacy Sunday 2*M, 3*D, LA VEEE 91 
      Top 10 Doe ELITE DOE 97% LA 91 VEEE-DIM-2158, MILK-7340, DAM of 3 SG'S


Unlimited comes from generations of consistent, superior production.

SG Sugarmoon RB Faith photographs, courtesy of Oldesouth Farm:

Sugarmoon Faith udder side.jpg
Faith side.jpg

SG Sugarmoon Faith's 9 year old, 10th freshening udder, courtesy of Cades Lil’ Farm